Our friends at MountainPass Performance took their Tesla Model Y Performance to a time attack track event recently and kicked some serious dino-burning butt. They finished 3rd in their class and eighth overall with about fifty high-performance participants. 

We love it when people bring their EVs to racing events like this and really drop the hammer. The fact that the Model Y isn't even a sports car, it's a freaking family-hauling crossover, makes the results even better. 

We said above that they finished 3rd in their class but that needs a little explaining. MountainPass Performance explained to InsideEVs: 

The car should have been in either Production AWD or Street AWD, as there are comparable cars in both classes (for example, there is a Golf R and Subaru STi in Production AWD, both of which have similar power/weight). We were bumped to Super Street AWD because the tire size exceeded the 265mm width limit for street class, however, nothing smaller had a diameter that would be tall enough for the SUV! 

The classes were as follows:

  • Unlimited (RWD, AWD, FWD)
  • Super Street (RWD, AWD, FWD)
  • Street (RWD, AWD, FWD)
  • Production (RWD, AWD, FWD)
Model Y Performance race
The results

Right out of the box the Y was blazing fast. I did a 1:17.9 on the first flying lap early in the morning, and without track mode, the vehicle stability and traction control were seriously limiting our ability to get pace from the car. A 1:17 was pretty crazy considering! And maybe the series did the right thing, as that time put us well ahead of both the fastest Street AWD and Production AWD cars! In fact, it put us right smack in the middle of a bunch of GT3RS Porsche’s! - MountainPass Performance

Just about all of the vehicles were heavily modified race cars, which makes the Model Y's eight-place overall finish pretty remarkable. Here's a list of just a few of the cars they beat: a Porsche 991 911 GT3, a Corvette, and a trio of BMWs including an M2, an M3, and an M4.

Model Y on track


In the video, MountainPass Performance asks the question "Fastest SUV On The Track?" It definitely was that day, but we wonder how it would stack up against a Lamborghini Urus. On paper, the Urus has a slightly faster 1/4 mile time (11.3 seconds for the Urus, compared to 11.9 seconds for the Y), and we would expect the Urus to also handle well on the track. Maybe MountainPass Performance can set up that race in the future - hint, hint. 

So check out the video and let us know what you think. Pretty impressive, right? As always, let us know your thoughts in the comment section below. 

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