The Tesla Model 3 has been in production for a few years now, so has Tesla finally solved all of the quality issues? Turns out Tesla has not, as this video shows.

We'll get back to the contents of the video in a bit, but first off we'd like to say that Tesla build quality has always been a bit inconsistent. One Model 3 may roll off the line in near perfect condition, whereas another one comes off full of flaws. This is a big issue and it's one that Tesla has not been able to fix just yet.

Additionally, the far newer Tesla Model Y seems to suffer from quality issues too, which indicates to us that Tesla has not perfected the manufacturing and production process even on its newest vehicle.

Returning our attention back to the video, the uploader KiloWatt Auto wonders if his particular Model 3, a 2020 Tesla Model 3 Long Range Dual Motor, suffers from the same quality issues as the Model 3 initially did when it was launched years ago.

KiloWatt Auto states:

With the Tesla Model Y now in full production, fit and finish issues are once again at the forefront of many reviews of early production models. Body panel alignment and paint are not areas that Tesla is known for having high quality.

However, with more manufacturing experience, Tesla's do tend to come off the factory line with better body panel gaps and paint application. Thus, I wanted to look at my Model 3 specifically, a model that has now been in production for over 3 years, and identify whether the fit and finish quality has improved.

I was able to identify several minor fitment issues and I also discuss one issue that required me to have Tesla repair my car under warranty. Despite the issues I identified, the overall build quality of my Model 3 is significantly better than early production models and will only continue to improve as Tesla produces more vehicles.

It seems that over time, Tesla quality does improve, but how long after production begins on a model do you have to wait to expect a near-perfect car? If it's 3 years or more, than Tesla still has a lot of work ahead to calm quality concerns.


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