Just the other day, we shared a contact-less Tesla Model Y delivery video with you that suggested Tesla may be finally improving the electric crossover's quality. This could certainly be the case, thought just as quick as we shared that video, other articles and videos surfaced about the Model Y's quality and fit and finish continuing to disappoint. We said we believe consistency is the biggest concern for Tesla.

Ryan Shaw has been keeping his eyes on Tesla Model Y quality concerns. While some people may say many of these problems are "one-offs," that doesn't seem to be the case at this point. There are just too many images, videos, and reports of Model Y fit and finish and quality problems to ignore. On the flip side, you may take delivery of a Model Y that's in tip-top shape. The tough part here is that there shouldn't be such a discrepancy from one car to another.

Sure, Tesla's quality issues are likely overstated since it seems everyone is looking closely. If you look more closely at other cars, you may actually find that some of the concerns are typical. Many cars from many automakers exhibit fitment issues, and recalls are not uncommon. However, of all automakers J.D. Power looked at, Tesla landed at the bottom of the list as far as initial quality is concerned. At the same time, the Silicon Valley automaker topped all others in J.D. Power's Automotive Performance, Execution and Layout (APEAL) Study, meaning people love their Teslas.

If people love their cars and support Tesla, should we pretend quality and fit and finish issues don't exist? Should we look more closely at other automakers to see if concerns related to Tesla vehicles are being overstated or made up?

The answers to the above questions don't really matter on a broad level. You have to actually answer them on your own if you're planning to buy a Tesla Model Y or any Tesla for that matter. What's most important to you?

In the end, when you're shopping for a car, it's critical to do your homework. Research and read about the car's pros and cons. Read owner reports of strengths and weaknesses. Then, when it's time to take delivery, inspect the car very closely and don't settle for anything less than what you expect.

Check out the video and then leave us details about your experiences in the comment section below.

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