About a month ago, our own Kyle Conner set out on an incredible Tesla Model 3 Performance road trip that lasted many weeks. He traveled with his girlfriend and dogs to national parks, monuments, campgrounds, and other interesting locations across the United States.

It will take several videos on multiple YouTube channels to cover Conner's entire trip, but we've got an exclusive on our InsideEVs US channel we're sure you'll enjoy. Kyle heads to Utah's Bonneville Salt Flats with the goal of maxing out his . It's a perfect location to see if he can achieve the car's rated top speed of 162 mph.

Kyle charged the car at a local Supercharger just eight miles from the flats. Sadly, there was no way to begin with a 100-percent state of charge, but it was close. After trying a few times to hit the Tesla's top speed, he decided to remove the cargo box on the roof, though he never removed the cross rails.

Achieving top-speed runs wasn't as easy as Conner anticipated due to other traffic, conditions at the salt flats, and the power reduction due to the lower state of charge. The car's consumption proved insanely high. Nonetheless, as you can see, the time spent at the flats proved to be a blast.

In the end, the top speed didn't quite reach the car's 162-mph potential, though it was very close. Fortunately, the compressor overclock on the battery helped it keep its cool, but it did get warm on the final run.

So, how fast did this Tesla Model 3 Performance go? Take a guess before watching the video for the answer. Then, leave us your thoughts in the comment section below.

If you'd like to learn more about Conner's epic road trip, he documented it on his own Out of Spec Motoring YouTube channel. In addition, stay connected as he plans to share more fascinating adventures with us right here.

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