As you're probably aware, Tesla seems to succeed in a big way when it comes to studies by outlets like Consumer Reports and J.D. Power about just as often as it fails in a big way. This is because Tesla owners absolutely adore the company and their cars, though they're also frustrated with quality and service issues.

In Consumer Reports' latest study related to vehicle satisfaction, the Tesla Model 3 took the top spot across all four generations surveyed. The publication surveyed a whopping 420,000 people from all age groups, divided by generation: Millennials, Generation X, Baby Boomers, and the Silent Generation.

We would have guessed that perhaps the Model 3 would place at the top of the list for Millennials, or even Generation X or Baby Boomers, though the Model S might be expected to take the win for the older generations. However, the fact that the Model 3 was the top choice in every group is fascinating, not to mention the Model S is close behind in some groups. The Model X even places well among Gen Xers.

Consumer Reports' survey asked people to rate the cars based on the driving experience, styling, comfort, value, and audio controls. In the end, it questioned whether each person would buy the same car over again.

The rankings are as follows (via Teslarati):


Born 1981 to 1996

Tesla Model 3
Subaru Ascent
Mazda CX-5
Honda Accord
Subaru Forester
Ford F-150
Honda CR-V
Honda Civic
Honda Odyssey
Subaru Impreza

Generation X

Born 1965 to 1980

Tesla Model 3
Tesla Model S
Audi A5
Tesla Model X
Volkswagen Golf
Toyota Prius
Toyota RAV4
Subaru Ascent
Jeep Wrangler
Volkswagen GTI

Baby Boomers

Born 1946 to 1964

Tesla Model 3
Ford Expedition
Porsche 718 Boxster
Tesla Model S
Mazda MX-5 Miata
Volvo XC40
Dodge Challenger
Toyota Prius
Ford Mustang

Silent Generation

Born 1928 to 1945

Tesla Model 3
Genesis G90
Tesla Model S
Toyota Prius V
Honda Ridgeline
Toyota Prius
Subaru Forester
Hyundai Santa Fe
Ford Mustang

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