The Tesla Cybertruck is claimed to be somewhat bulletproof (just the glass, according to Elon Musk), but is it really? Ignoring the glass and instead focusing on the metal from which its body will be made, will that stop bullets? Of course, there's only one way to find out. Let's shoot some guns at it and go at it with a knife to see how tough the metal is. Will keying it do any damage? What about a hammer? 

When the Tesla Cybertruck made its grand debut, Tesla CEO Elon Musk touted the truck's ability to block bullets. Musk was only referring to the truck's unique armored glass, which failed miserably during the debut after being struck by a steel ball, but ruggedness was and still is certainly a key feature of the Cybertruck.

Aside from its glass, the Cyertruck featured body panels made of 304-series stainless steel that will apparently be cold-rolled and hardened. Those panels should be close to indestructible too, so this video sets out to see if similar metal panels can stop various calibers of bullets shots from different firearms. The video captures the results quite clearly, so watch it to see what happens.

Getting shot by gunfire is probably not a common occurrence. However, there are some additional damage tests conducted that are much more likely to happen in the real world and those are the results that interest us even more. For example, will keys scratch the metal? Will a knife damage it? Will a hammer dent it? The results from these tests show us that the metal is extremely durable and quite hard to damage, which means that the Cybertruck's body should hold up for a very long time.

Here are some notes on the video above:

Testing to see if the Cybertruck is actually bulletproof. It stops a 9mm, but of course, the rifle round went through. Tests done on a 304 series stainless 3mm thick, cold-rolled, but not hardened Though we don't know if Tesla will be using hardened, but it would cause welding issues if they did. 

Launching some lead, 22, 9mm, 7.62x54 and seeing if it can not get too beat up by the ex-gf test...keying, knifing and hammering it.

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