After watching Franz von Holzhausen break the Tesla Cybertruck's window, Popular YouTuber ItsYeBoi wondered if he could have his Tesla Model 3 bulletproofed and if the modification would actually prove successful.

As Tesla grows in popularity, we see all sorts of YouTube influencers covering the company. In fact, a growing number of these social media "celebrities" are buying the Tesla Model 3 and essentially providing Tesla with loads of free advertising. Whether you like it or not, it's working to get EVs in front of a young audience.

As the story goes, ItsYeBoi recently promised his followers that he'd shoot at his Model 3 if certain criteria were met. Needless to say, he had to follow through with the promise, but first, he had the car's window laminated. The YouTuber and his friends wreak havoc on the Model 3's window to see how it holds up.

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Video Description via ItsYeBoi on YouTube:

Can A Bulletproof Tesla Really Stop A Bullet?

I took my beloved Tesla Model 3 and tested out a laminate that makes regular glass bulletproof.. Find out whether the reinforced bulletproof Tesla Model 3 can do what they Tesla Cybertruck couldn't and actually protect against a giant metal ball and even a bullet. Elon Musk should add this to the new Tesla Cybertruck's to really make them bulletproof cars!

All necessary safety precautions were used in the making of this video. The firearms used in this video were operated by licensed professionals.

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