Electrify America is stepping up its public awareness campaign with three new ads dubbed "Hello, Freedom". The thirty-second ad can be viewed above, and there will also be a fifteen-second and six-second spot appearing soon.

With more than 460 charging station sites that have over 2,000 high-speed chargers in its growing network, Electrify America wants to let the public know that driving an electric vehicle no longer means that you're tethered to a leash that is only as long as the driving range of the vehicle. With coast-to-coast corridors of high-speed DC fast chargers already open, EV owners can experience the freedom of travel now more than ever. 

Electrify America Hello Freedom
Electrify America Hello Freedom ad campaign

The video employs the use of a group video call which many of us have grown used to using over the past six months and emphasizes Electrify America’s ability to help EV owners break away from the new norm and move about their community for necessary travel. 

It starts off with the words "Goodby unfinished novel, goodby baking too much bread", which is an obvious reference to what so many of us have been doing during our COVID-19 shelter-in-place time. The ad then says hello to fresh air, sunlight, and getting to your destination because of the charging stations there. 

“In the past, electric vehicle travel has been a challenge due to the lack of convenient charging options. With our rapid deployment of ultra-fast EV chargers, Electrify America is helping provide EV owners with the freedom to travel where and when they need,” said Misti Murphey, senior manager of marketing for Electrify America. “This year we have all experienced limitations on travel as we learn to stay safe and carefully move about in our everyday lives. The ‘Hello, Freedom’ campaign not only highlights the choice of electric vehicle travel, but also independence from relying on a gas pump.”

Seen in the video are the Ford Mustang Mach-E and the Harley Davidson LiveWire, two electric vehicles that their respective manufacturers have negotiated charging agreements with Electrify America. It is interesting that the video doesn't feature an EV from the Volkswagen Group, the parent company of Electrify America. Perhaps the network is being especially careful not to feature VW Group vehicles in its ads, so they appear completely brand-neutral.

One interesting note is the ad was filmed entirely remotely. While it looks like a video conference call, each person was sent a camera that could be controlled remotely by the producers and director, and the recordings were then all pieced together to appear as Zoom-like video conference. 

Electrify America Hello Freedom

We love the idea of advertising the availability of public EV charging. These three spots will be used for digital/connected TV, online video, paid social, streaming audio, podcasts, and digital display banners and will most likely reach a wide audience.

We think these kinds of ads are surely needed since most people don't realize just how robust non-Tesla public charging infrastructure has become in the past five years. Tesla has done a great job installing its Supercharger network, and the brand has really benefitted from it. But now EV drivers from the non-Tesla brands are finally getting the national networks of high-speed fast chargers, and Electrify America has had a lot to do with that proliferation. 

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