Sandy Munro recently sat down with the YouTube channel, E For Electric, and discussed Tesla's manufacturing and build quality. Munro's company, Munro & Associates, is a teardown specialist and known internationally for helping companies from automakers to the aerospace industry save billions in manufacturing. 

So it's worth a listen when Munro gives his opinion on cars that he's personally supervised a teardown and benchmarking of. Such is the case with the Tesla Model 3 and most recently, Model Y. In the video above, Munro talks to the host about some of the problems Tesla is having with regard to manufacturing. 

Munro talks to Guberman about Tesla's continued build quality issues, especially on newly-introduced models. We recently posted a video that explained four issues we observed in a newly-delivered Tesla Model Y we rented for our 70mph highway range test. During the conversation, Munro said something pretty incredible; that he didn't think Tesla cares enough to make their cars better. 

I don't think that they care enough to go in and do what they need to do to make the body a perfect product. - Sandy Munro on Tesla


Another insightful comment Munro made was that he said if he was Tesla, he would have bulldozed Tesla's paint shop in the Freemont factory during the COVID-19 shutdown and built an all-new paint facility. Munro believes the current paint shop facilities are outdated and substandard, which is why Tesla has so many paint quality complaints. Munro estimated that it would cost the automaker half a billion dollars to replace the paint shop facility but that it would have been money well spent. 

Munro also told Guberman that the Model Y doesn't share 70% to 75% common parts with the Model 3, as Tesla claimed it would. In fact, Munro said that number was 50% at best. He knows because he analyzed, weighed, and recorded every part that Tesla used to build both cars, down to the last screw. 

We often take a fair amount of criticism when we're critical of Tesla, and I personally had plenty of that in my post yesterday about the Model Y issues I encountered. That's fair, we know that comes with the territory. It just shows how passionate our readers are, and we wouldn't have it any other way. But when we witness egregious build quality issues as I did, it's our duty to report them and let the readers decide for themselves how they process the information we put out. 

Perhaps when it comes from such a well-respected industry analyst like Sandy Munro it will carry more weight? Perhaps not. In any event, take a look at the video and let us know your thoughts in the comment section below. 

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