YouTuber What Drives You owns a Tesla Model Y Long Range AWD with the standard 19-inch Gemini wheels. They come with Aero wheel covers, which help with efficiency and range, but you have the option to leave them on or take them off. The crossover looks arguably much nicer with them off, but how will that impact its efficiency?

Since Tesla offers every vehicle in its lineup in multiple configurations, you have to do your homework when it comes to range and efficiency. Keep in mind that each car's longest range option is not necessarily the base model. However, in the case of the Model S and X, the Long Range Plus is the least expensive configuration. Currently, the cheapest Model Y offers the most range too.

With the Model 3, you have to upgrade to get the maximum range, but that could change in the future since Tesla is doing away with Standard Range configurations. The wheels you choose also impact range and efficiency of the vehicle. If you visit the EPA's site, you can compare Tesla's vehicles in various trims and with different wheel sizes. While Aeros aren't specified, Tesla vehicles that come standard with them will get their best range with them on.

Tesla has already canceled plans for a Model Y Standard Range, though a cheaper version of the Model Y is still reportedly coming. Currently, the $49,990 Model Y Long Range is the cheapest version you can buy, at least for now, and it has 316 miles of EPA-rated range.

What Drives You performs a 70-mph efficiency test with the Tesla Model Y's Aero wheel covers on and with them removed. Place your bets on how much the results will differ by leaving a comment below. Then, once you've watched the video for the details, respond to your comment to let us know how you did.


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