German electric car rental company nextmove has performed highway range tests in the past. Since people in Europe can drive on the Autobahn, the company tests range and efficiency at higher speeds than most are used to. In this recent test, it put all four Tesla Performance models against one another.

If we had to rank these cars by efficiency without testing, it wouldn't be difficult. The sedans will top the SUVs, with the smaller vehicles leading. So, the Model 3 is the most efficient with the Model X being the least. However, how do they all compare in a side-by-side test at a maximum speed of 80 mph (average speed of about 75 mph)?

Nextmove hit the German Autobahn with the Tesla Performance lineup and the cameras rolling. The conditions are good, with light traffic, little wind, plenty of clouds, and a temperature of 66 Fahrenheit (19 Celsius). They drove about 140 miles (225 kilometers). Managing director of nextmoveStefan Moeller shared:

“The competition from Volkswagen, BMW, Polestar or Lucid will have to measure up to the motorway ranges of 371 (Model Y) to 457 kilometres (Model S).”

The results were interesting, with the Model Y taking the team by surprise. The Model 3 showed a consumption of 18.5kWh/100km. Next in line was the Model S at 19.4 followed by the Model Y with just 19.9. The Model X was the anchor at 24.1kWh/100km. Had these cars not been Performance versions, the results would have been better.

For the range test, the Model Y takes the last place position as expected. The cars actually rank S, 3, X, Y for range. However, the Model Y is close behind the X.

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