A recent tweet from VedaPrime related to Busan, South Korea suggests that three Tesla Model Y all-electric crossovers marked as test vehicles are on the way to South Korean. VedaPrime tracks Tesla container ships and deliveries.

While it could be some time before Tesla officially launches the Model Y across the globe, it appears the company is being proactive and aiming to stay ahead of schedule. If the Model Y's launch in other countries is anything like that of the U.S., it could arrive early. With Tesla, there are a whole lot of variables involved in when such things happen.

Tesla is currently working on Phase 2 construction at its Shanghai Gigafactory 3 in China. Another factory is set to go up near Berlin. The ground is being cleared rapidly for yet another U.S. factory, which will be located in Texas. Tesla must decide when the Model Y should arrive in other countries based on the timing of the factories, the pandemic, the economy, and the demand trends for the vehicle, as well as its other vehicles on our shores and abroad.


The test units reportedly heading to South Korea are a bit of a mystery at this point. We don't have details as to what testing is going to happen or why they're being tested. However, if the cars are actually going to South Korea, it's highly likely Tesla is in the process of making plans to launch the car there.

According to Teslarati, the fact that the Model Y's are earmarked for testing suggests they're not heading to a showroom or to be put on display. Perhaps Tesla has some regulatory testing to situate prior to launching the Model Y in South Korea.

The Model 3 is gaining popularity in South Korea, though that's not the case with the Model S and X, which is essentially the story in most global markets. For this reason, it makes sense for Tesla to market the Model Y in South Korea.

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