Thanks to European Tesla clubs, who negotiated with Tesla, the retrofit of older Model S and Model X in Europe to handle CCS Combo 2 DC charging (as well as Superchargers with CCS plugs) becomes cheaper - €299 (Germany) instead of €500 initially. Prices include €129 for CCS adapter.

Let's recall that Tesla introduced the Model S and Model X in Europe with Type 2-compatible charging inlet for 1-phase and 3-phase charging, which was used for DC fast charging - specifically on Superchargers. Then, the company offered a 50 kW CHAdeMO adapter, but there was no way to charge form chargers with CCS Combo 2 plugs.

The CCS2 adapter was introduced in 2019, but it works only with Model S/X manufactured from May 1, 2019. Older Model S/X were required to visit service center for a €500 retrofit (including adapter). Using the CCS2 adapter, the S/X can charge at up to 142 kW.


The Model 3 is equipped in Europe with a CCS2 charging inlet for 1-phase, 3-phase and DC fast charging, right from the factory, so it can use public CCS2 chargers, as well as Superchargers retrofitted with CCS2 plugs.

It's now kind of messy as the older V2 Superchargers (150 kW) were retrofitted to have plugs physically compatible with Type-2 and new CCS2, while the new V3 Superchargers (250 kW) are equipped only with CCS2.

We believe that the ultimate goal for Europe is to offer all cars (not only Model 3) with CCS charging inlet (we actually don't understand why it's still not the case in the new Model S/Model X) and to have a single type of plugs at Superchargers.

In the U.S., Tesla uses its own, proprietary charging standard for 1-phase charging and DC Supercharging with an option of CHAdeMO adapter.

So far there is no CCS1 adapter for the North American market.

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