Model S/X will get up to 120 kW through the CCS adapter

Tesla recently updated its support page about charging connectors with a description of CCS adapter, which will be offered in Europe (and many other CCS markets we believe) for Model S and Model X (the Model 3 in Europe is compatible with CCS chargers).

The info clearly says that the CCS adapter will be standard to all new Model S and Model X, ordered from February 1, 2019, but that's not the case.

"*** From February 1, 2019, all custom order Model S and Model X cars will come with the CCS adapter as standard."

Tesla responded to Electrek's article on the matter, saying that the website was inaccurate and the adapter not only will not be standard, but it's not yet known when it will be available as an accessory.

Tesla CCS Adapter info (inaccurate)

Tesla CCS Adapter info

The only new thing here is charging power of the CCS adapter - it will handle up to 120 kW, compared to 43 kW in the case of the CHAdeMO adapter.

Tesla said also that the ≈120 kW limit is on the car side. Maximum of the adapter was not revealed.

Tesla CHAdeMO Adapter info

Tesla CHAdeMO Adapter info

Source: Tesla, Electrek

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