MAN eTGE is an all-electric panel van (cousin of the Volkswagen e-Crafter), which usually is used for hauling stuff. But not this time. This time it's all about the money.

Meet the first MAN eTGE - armored money transporter, converted by STOOF for the security service provider Prosegur, which operates in Germany a fleet of some 900 vehicles.

We already know that armored money transporters are one of the absolutely perfect applications for electric vehicles, and a few projects were already seen (some PHEV, some in the works). However, according to MAN, this one is the first fully electric, armored money transportation vehicle in the world!

"The MAN TGE 3.140 E panel van, which will head straight out onto the roads around Potsdam for Prosegur, was fitted with level FB3 armouring by STOOF International. The body manufacturer was faced with the challenge of using extremely lightweight materials that have the same resistance class. The electric van can seat a maximum of three people. Including the armouring, its unladen weight is around 3,150 kg."

MAN eTGE armoured money transporter in Prosegur fleet

In this particular case, the MAN eTGE has 35.8 kWh battery (shared with the Volkswagen e-Golf), which allows for range of 120-130 km (115 km/71.5 miles WLTP).

Since Prosegur's inner-city vans usually cover just 60-70 km (37-44 miles) a day, it's enough. Hopefully, in the future there will be EV models that will fit also for the intercity transportation needs.

With 900 vehicles for electrification just for one company, the segment should be attractive enough.

The biggest hurdle in the case of MAN eTGE is that after adding armor, it's heavy, which limits the available payload.

"Prosegur is now putting the electric vehicle through testing. One challenge that the company will face in day-to-day business is the payload. The vehicle load capacity is restricted by the compulsory safety armouring used in the money and valuables transportation industry. But that does not put the Chief Development Officer of Prosegur Deutschland off: “Transformation can be achieved even in complex conditions,” says Jochen Werne, assuredly. “We are confident that our ecological and economic goals are compatible.” If the test phase is successful, Prosegur intends to acquire more vehicles with an electric drive."

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