The Tesla Model Y shares the same platform with the Model 3. This is what made people bet the sedan would get a heat pump soon, as well as the castings that the Model Y already presents. While we are still not sure about the cast parts, the heat pump is probably already under the frunk of the Model 3. At least this is what a frunk redesign insinuates.

Our colleagues at received pictures from their readers that show how different the frunks now are. They compared them with a tool in their article. We recommend that you check that when you can. They believe the frunk change was to accommodate the new equipment.

tesla model y heat pump 2

What it reveals is a narrower and deeper compartment. In other words, the rear edge is closer to the front side, meaning that the back wall had to be put forward to open space for something in the car. And the heat pump is installed precisely close to the firewall, from which the frunk had to move away.

This equipment would be an excellent advantage for the Model 3, especially in places with a cold climate, such as Canada. Perhaps this is the reason why got these images before anyone else: these cars could be getting there before hitting the US.

In case you have recently bought a Model 3, please check how your Model 3 frunk is. If it still has the space for grocery hooks – even if they are not available anymore – your car did not get the new one. If it presents two holes close to the firewall and a wavy bottom, your vehicle presents the novel design.

The only way to know that for sure would be to ask Tesla about it, but the company never answers. Another one would be to disassemble the Model 3 units that come with the new frunk, but we suspect Tesla will go public about that when the heat pump is available. For now, the updated front storage can be just a preparation for that.


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