Farmtrac 25G is the first commercially available all-electric tractor in the UK, which brings zero-emissions, quiet and energy efficiency to the countryside.

With roughly 21 kWh and all-wheel drive, it can work for 6-7 hours, basically replacing the diesel equivalent, and then need to recharge overnight (no fast charge option).

Fully Charged's Robert Llewellyn tested the Farmtrac 25G at the Bemborough Farm in Gloucestershire, noting that it's quite easy to operate.

"The first of its kind in the country, this 4x4 electric tractor is a brilliant first step towards electrifying bigger and more powerful farming machinery. With pressures on farmers to reduce their carbon footprint, a tractor that can be powered by wind or solar energy generated on the farm makes a lot of sense."

The major drawback of the Farmtrac 25G is its price, around two times higher than the diesel equivalent. But, as it's the first BEV model, we guess that over time the price difference will decrease.

Electrification of small tractors is being just a first step, as there are many more huge machines that should go electric at some point too.

Some of the largest vehicles use up to 100L of fuel per hour, so the potential for savings is tremendous.

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