When Jason Hughes told us it is impossible to have Sudden Unintended Acceleration in Tesla vehicles, we were relieved. After all, it is good to know a company did all it could to prevent that, even if it is regularly accused of having these problems. Anyway, an accident in China will make us wonder what happened: a Model 3 invaded a parking lot at full speed in Wenzhou, as you can see above.

The information came from Moneyball and there is very little info there. Check his tweet below:


In some replies to his tweet, we learned that the driver is called Chen and that he is apparently a politician. However, we could not find the original source of information. Luckily, the tweet brings a link for the surveillance video, but it is not embeddable, only downloadable. That obliged us to upload it to show you what happened. If the original owners of the video have a link for us to embed it, please let us know.

Some commenters said it was a simple case of mistaking the brake pedal with the accelerator, but another one said the brake lights are clearly on. That is also our impression, even if the crash happened at night.

The driver was badly hurt and suffered an emergency operation. A picture on the comments in that tweet reveals how massive it was, but we do not recommend that you check it if you are sensitive to this sort of image. Trust us: it was ugly.

We have tried to find Chinese articles about the crash but had no luck. With so little in our hands, we need the help of our Chinese readers to clarify what occurred. What is the name of the driver? Is he really a politician? Did he actually claim that the car accelerated on its own? 

If you have any article or information that could help, please get in touch through contact@insideevs.com or our Facebook page. The more information we can gather, the better.

Source: Moneyball

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