In one of the most recent videos, Bjørn Nyland compared DC fast-charging results of four cars - two main contenders: Polestar 2 and Tesla Model 3 LR, and two additional: Jaguar I-PACE and Kia Soul EV (e-Soul), as a point of reference.

This particular comparison is unique and very interesting, as it not only shows the power level, but also the effective rate of replenishing range, plus some hints on how long it's optimal to charge.

Charging power

Starting straight at 7:11, we can see a chart with a power level from 10% to 90% of state-of-charge (SOC).

In this case, Tesla Model 3 is the best, with 250 kW peak and the highest power level, basically for almost the entire 10-90% SOC range.

Polestar 2 is second with a peak of over 130 kW and a significant advantage over the 3rd place I-PACE.

Rate of replenishing range

Charging power is of course important, but we are most interested in the next thing (7:43) - the charging rate in distance. It was calculated using Bjørn Nyland's range/energy consumption data to determine the effective rate of replenishing the range.

Here, Tesla's edge is way higher, because on top of the higher power, there is also higher efficiency. It allows Tesla to recharge much faster - in terms of distance - than other cars.

Polestar 2 again is second, but its advantage over I-PACE/Soul EV is high only in the first half, while in comparison to Tesla, it's no match at all.

The biggest disappointment is the Jaguar I-PACE. Its relatively poor efficiency makes the replenishing range noticeably slower than the Kia Soul EV with a much smaller battery.

Polestar 2, Model 3, I-Pace e-Soul charging compared (source: Bjorn Nyland)
Polestar 2, Model 3, I-Pace e-Soul charging compared (source: Bjorn Nyland)


At around 9:00 we can see a summary showing how much range can be replenished in a certain amount time and how much time we need to replenish a certain amount of range.

It's really eye-opening. For example, in 20 minutes Tesla Model 3 can add 370 km (230 miles), while the other cars only over half of that (Polestar 2) or only a third of that (Kia Soul EV/Jaguar I-PACE).

Unfortunately, there is no Audi e-tron or Porsche Taycan in the comparison, but maybe in the future, we will see those too.

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