We don't have time, or the interest, in watching every Tesla Full Self-Driving (FSD) Beta testing video on the internet. However, we grab and watch a few each day just to take note of the issues and improvements. With that said, there are a few testers we really appreciate watching.

Tesla owner James Locke is certainly at the top of that list due to his short, to-the-point content, and objective coverage. He does have some very long drive videos as well, but we've been focusing on the shorter clips.

In this recent clip, Locke provides a BEFORE and AFTER, which is our favorite type of Tesla FSD Beta coverage. Sure, the really long, unassisted, uninterrupted, and seemingly unedited drives are likely more telling about the real-world applications as a whole. However, we're interested in the singular, unique situations, and how the tech handles them, especially if it couldn't handle them correctly in the first place.

In this video, Locke shows a previous recording of his Tesla Model 3 struggling to handle a tight, 180-degree forced left turn. While this may be something that's relatively easy for a seasoned driver, we can tell you it was one of the tougher maneuvers for our teenagers driving on their learning permits. It's not something that's common, typical, or happens often, and it requires confident control of the car's speed and steering.

Locke often goes back to the hard maneuvers and those he feels FSD failed. This way he can document the technology's improvement. As you can see in the video, the Model 3 handles the 180-degree turn rather well on the later attempt, albeit very slowly and cautiously, which is exactly how we'd hope our driver's training teens handle it.

As always, check out the video above and then leave us a comment. If we have any Tesla FSD Beta testers out there, please engage.

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