It's important to note right up front, Tesla's Full Self-Driving Beta (FSD Beta) software is still not capable of full self-driving. Instead, test drivers must remain aware and ready to take control as they test the software and send reports to Tesla revealing issues and suggesting improvements.

With that said, Tesla believes that testing the technology this way is the only way for a car to truly "learn" all the ins and outs of real-world driving. As these cars take to the roadways, the electric automaker is compiling reams of data and making regular updates and improvements. While it's hard to say how many months or years Tesla will have to continue to improve the technology before it's truly capable of high-level self-driving, it does appear the process is working as planned.

Popular Tesla owner and YouTuber Dan Markham of What's Inside? and What's Inside? Family makes no attempt to hide his love for Tesla. However, he's also not afraid to point out when the company has issues. For this reason, we were really interested to hear his opinion about Tesla's FSD Beta software. This is especially true since he doesn't yet have it in his car, and he says this is the first time he's experienced it.

Fortunately, Dan hooked up some time with our friend Eli Burton. They take a ride in FSD Beta tester Burton's Model S Raven on public roads in Las Vegas' inner-city area. What's so fascinating about this video is they drive during the day and at night with the car's navigation screen projected for you to see. While driving, Dan and Eli talk us through exactly what's happening.

Regardless of your thoughts and opinions on Tesla's FSD Beta technology, this video is really interesting to watch, and it's not ridiculously long or drawn out like many of the other FSD Beta videos published online. Check it out and then leave us your takeaways in the comment section below.

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