It's officially the final day of 2020 (everyone is cheering), which means Tesla has just hours remaining to hit its lofty 2020 delivery goals. The automaker and its CEO Elon Musk estimate Tesla will deliver some 500,000 electric cars globally this year. Can they pull it off?

Early in the year, it seemed there would be no way Tesla would be able to hang onto its 500K delivery estimate. This was due to the impact of the , which resulted in factory shutdowns. However, while all other automakers struggled significantly with deliveries and financials, Tesla has had a record year thus far. For Tesla owners, fans, and most importantly, investors, hitting the delivery mark for 2020 would be the icing on the cake.

Tesla must sell about 181,000 vehicles this quarter to meet its goal. Speculation on one side suggests Tesla has already hit the goal, or Musk wouldn't be traveling to Hawaii to meet with Larry Ellison or being fun and silly on Twitter. However, it could be as simple as Musk already knows that goal is likely to be hit.

On the other side, folks continue to insist that there's no way Tesla can pull it off. It would have to deliver some 40,000 more cars this quarter than it ever has in a quarter in the past. Skeptics point to Tesla offering last-minute incentives as a narrative that demand has fallen off a cliff. However, it could just mean Musk and his employees (who are stockholders rooting for the company) simply want to knock it out of the park.

According to a report by Electrek, inside information suggests Tesla is only about 1,000 cars away from its delivery goal in North America. That doesn't tell us what's happening in the rest of the world, but we know Tesla tries to focus on local deliveries at the end of the quarter, since it speeds up the process.

If Tesla is already within 1,000 vehicles, it has essentially hit its goal. We're certain the automaker will sell more cars today. The quarter will still be a record even if it is south of 500,000. In fact, even if Tesla is thousands away from the target, the quarter will still be a record, though some people, and potentially Wall Street, will only be impressed if Tesla pulls it off officially.

How many cars do you think Tesla will deliver in Q4 2020? How about 2020 as a whole? Place your bets and we'll check back here in a few days.

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