Tesla CEO Elon Musk tweeted late last night that the automaker is offering three months of free Full Self-Driving Capability (FSD) for every Tesla owner that purchases their car in the final three days of 2020. Now, people who quickly assumed Tesla already hit its goal of delivering 500,000 cars this quarter may be second-guessing.


If you frequent Twitter, you may have realized that Musk seems pretty chill these days. which could mean deliveries are going to hit the mark. In fact, with the end of the quarter just days away, he went on a little "vacation" to Hawaii. Fans speculated that this must mean he doesn't need to worry about or help with deliveries. However, he mentioned that it was a quick visit with Larry Ellison to seek some important advice. Still, couldn't it wait just a few days?


Fast-forward to the present and now those same fans may be worried Tesla is struggling to hit the 500K mark. This is because there would be no reason to offer such a wild incentive if Tesla didn't need to push hard to cross the threshold and meet or exceed its tough 2020 delivery target. Perhaps Musk was discussing the free Full Self-Driving incentive with the Oracle founder and Tesla board member?

At any rate, when Musk tweets something like the above, there's really no doubt it's going to happen. However, if this was a free Roadster or Semi, or something that doesn't yet exist, people may be skeptical. While true FSD doesn't yet exist (since Telsa's vehicle can't actually drive themselves without human interaction and engagement) the package is essentially feature-complete and available right now. It also costs $10,000 to add when you buy a new Tesla. Musk says it will be available soon as a monthly subscription, but that's not yet the case.

Will Tesla deliver 181,000 cars or more this quarter? Is this special incentive capable of pushing deliveries to the limit? As an aside, what in the heck did Musk have to fly to Hawaii for and discuss with Ellison so urgently? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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