There's a multitude of Tesla Full Self-Driving Beta testing videos online. While there are certainly many impressive moments and even some lengthy drives that are pretty fascinating overall, you only have to watch a few of these videos to realize that the technology is not yet even close to full autonomy.

With that said, we'll say the same thing we've said about Tesla Autopilot for years – and keep in mind, despite its name, Autopilot is really just a suite of advanced driver-assist systems. Autopilot and other similar safety systems are far from perfect, but if they were hurting people rather than saving them on a regular basis, they wouldn't be implemented in so many cars. In addition, safety organizations wouldn't be encouraging automakers to include them as standard.

The choice to test technology like Tesla's FSD Beta on public roads takes this all to another level. It definitely means there's a chance someone could get hurt. Meanwhile, it's almost certain that many lives have been saved. Regardless, it makes us excited about the future potential.

As more of these videos are published, we get to see new situations. It's interesting to see how the technology makes "decisions." This is especially true when these are decisions that may have been difficult for a human driver. Moreover, if it's a situation that may have caused a human driver to falter, and the technology handles it well, it's arguably worthy of sharing.

In the video above, posted by Chuck Cook, we see the Tesla technology yield properly for a pedestrian. which it notices very early and from a substantial distance away. Below, we've shared a video from Beta tester AIDRIVR entitled, "The human inside Tesla's FSD BETA." We found it especially informative, and very unlike any of the other FSD videos we've watched and shared.

The video below was put together by Dirty Tesla. It shows his Tesla dealing with rain, roundabouts, and construction in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Check out the videos and then start a conversation in our comment section below. What is your take on Tesla FSD Beta thus far? Will it ever be able to work without any intervention? When is Level 5 autonomy coming?

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