According to tech guru and Tesla hacker 'green' (@greentheonly), Tesla owners now have access to a bunch of new information about their cars. It comes in the form of a Tesla toolbox software feature the provides free access to repair manuals, service information, vehicle diagnostic tools, software, and more.

Editor's Update: Sadly, Tesla changed its mind and shut this down about as quickly as people reported on it. See the related tweets below.


While, as green points out, this feature will be great for "Tesla tinkerers," and there are a lot of them, it could also work to help the average Tesla owner in multiple ways. New cars are much more difficult to repair than older cars. This is especially true of EVs, which have technology that the average "car guy" (or girl) may not understand. Having the right information and tools available should help immensely.


As you can see, in usual greentheonly fashion, he figured it all out and then took to Twitter to share the details with the Tesla community. Green provides information about how to access the toolbox, as well as multiple ways you can use it.


This all comes on the heels of recent right-to-repair efforts and laws. According to Teslarati, the state of Massachusetts voted in November to extend its right-to-repair law. The law, referred to as Question 1, applies to 2022 models. Automakers will have to start working on compliance. Executive Director of The Repair Association Gay Gordon-Byrne to VICE explained:

“Question 1 will prevent the auto industry from re-monopolizing repair broadly. Even if the language isn’t perfect, the response from consumers is favorable…which should deter the industry from trying to block repair for at least a few more years.”

Check it out and then leave us a comment. If you can find time to access the new tools on your Tesla, we'd love to read about your experiences.

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