Coventry is the best place in the UK to own a plug-in hybrid car according to new research from Jeep.

The American SUV specialists analysed the latest government data to determine where is best in Britain for plug-in car owners to charge their cars.

Across the UK, there is an average of one charging device for every 15 cars. But Coventry topped the list in terms of the UK mainland, with an average of 2.33 cars per charging point. However, it lagged behind the Outer Hebrides' Na h-Eileanan Siar (2.13 cars per charging point) on the overall list. 

Fermanagh and Omagh in Northern Ireland (an average of 2.5 cars per charger) also featured prominently, sitting third on the overall list, while the London borough of Wandsworth (2.6 cars) and the Isle of Anglesey in Wales (2.8) rounded out the top-five.

"The UK’s charging infrastructure is improving every day and it’s great to see charging devices popping up across the country," said Damien Dally, Jeep country manager.

"Sales of plug-in hybrids are up by almost 90 per cent this year as motorists look for a more sustainable way of driving around so the Jeep Renegade 4xe plug-in hybrid is great choice for zero emission city driving and the daily commute, while the petrol engine makes it flexible for longer journeys and trips where there might not be charging stations."

Jeep Renegade 4xe

Local Authority/Plug-in cars per charging point

Na h-Eileanan Siar 2.13
Coventry 2.33
Fermanagh and Omagh 2.50
Wandsworth 2.60
Isle of Anglesey 2.80
Brighton and Hove 2.83
Sunderland 2.94
Eden 2.95
Pembrokeshire 2.95
Middlesbrough 2.97
Gwynedd 3.16
Stockton-on-Tees 3.19
Shetland Islands 3.29
Dumfries & Galloway 3.37
Argyll & Bute 3.38
Greenwich 3.40
Highland 3.57
Lambeth 3.63
East Lothian 3.73
Boston 3.79
Plymouth 3.89
Islington 3.93
Liverpool 3.96
Southwark 4.00
Hyndburn 4.04
Copeland 4.32

Further to the study into government numbers, Jeep also surveyed 2,000 motorists to get a view on their driving habits. The survey cosisted of 1,600 petrol, diesel, and hybrid car owners and 400 who have either a plug-in hybrid or pure electric car.

The survey found that the average motorist drives just 26 miles per day, while 60 percent of petrol and diesel car owners drive less than 20 miles each day.

It also showed that more than three quarters (79 percent) of motorists want the government to invest more in the country's charging infrastructure – and 76 percent said there should be more investment in on-street charging where motorists don't have off-street parking like a driveway or garage.

"Our research shows the public is supportive of the move towards electric vehicles, and it shouldn’t be a surprise that those who have made the switch are more in favour of the transition," Dally added.

"With 71 per cent of petrol, diesel and hybrid drivers covering fewer than 30 miles per day on average, a plug-in hybrid would give them the benefit of zero emission driving while providing the comfort of a petrol engine to fall back on for longer journeys as well."

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