Wow. This guy is clearly very angry and out to brutally attack a Tesla owner. While we don't know exactly what words may have been exchanged or what happened before the video starts, there is never a reason for this sort of violence.

According to the story on Electrek, Tesla's Sentry Mode built-in camera security system caught footage of a man attacking a Tesla owner over a "dispute regarding the attacker blocking a charging station."

There's no sound in the video, so it's hard to know what's happening, but Electrek got the whole story from the Tesla owner. Fortunately, the police used the Sentry Mode footage to arrest the violent attacker. It's becoming increasingly common for the authorities, insurance companies, and Tesla owners to use the footage to help solve crimes and make responsible parties pay up.

As the story goes, a Tesla owner by the name of Mathew Lambert planned to charge his car at a mall in Spain. However, there were two gas cars blocking the charging station. He explained, via Electrek:

When I arrived there were two ICE cars, one parked on each of the 11kw chargers that the mall installed one year ago. One of them was just waiting for somebody, and they moved the car so I could plug in when I asked, and while I was plugging in my Model 3, the owner of the other ICE arrived and I told him that he should not park on these two spots as they are reserved for charging EVs.

We're glad to learn that when the Tesla owner asked, one of the gas car owners gladly moved. However, the other gas car owner wasn't having it. Reportedly, he actually flipped Lambert off while backing out. When Lambert asked him why he was making the gesture, he reportedly tried to hit him with his car. Then, he stopped, got out of the car, grabbed a large metal tool, and starting attacking Lambert.

Of course, once the altercation subsided, Lambert immediately contacted the local police. In addition to the clear Sentry Mode video, there were also several witnesses. In fact, Lambert's wife and one of the onlookers were able to help get the crazy attacker off Lambert, after which the man ran off.

Apparently, the police realized they were already familiar with the criminal as soon as they watched the Sentry Mode video. The man was arrested and then identified by Lambert, who has officially pressed charges.

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