The wait to see the resurrected Aptera is over. Apart from checking what the 1,000-mile range EV looks like, prospective customers will also be able to reserve one at the company website after paying a $100 refundable deposit. If you are curious about the prices, they start at $25,900 and go up to $46,900 if you add no options to it.

***UPDATE: It appears as though Apetera is using Tesla's Supercharging tech. See the image of the charging connector here.

As we already told you, all Aptera cars will feature the Never Charge solar technology that aims to add up to 45 miles of range on sunny days. Depending on where you live, that may be enough for you never to have to plug your Aptera into the grid.

Aptera Reveals $25,900, 1,000-Mile EV Never Charge Solar Electric Car

For $25,900, you get the front-wheel-drive EV with 100 kW (134 hp) and the lowest range: the 25 kWh battery pack would provide about 250 miles of range. The prices for each battery pack were not disclosed, but we know that the 100 kWh battery pack offers 100 kWh, comes with an all-wheel-drive (150 kW, or 201 hp), and aims to take you 1,000 miles with a single charge. The other options are 40 kWh and 60 kWh, respectively, for 400 miles and 600 miles of range.

Aptera Reveals $25,900, 1,000-Mile EV Never Charge Solar Electric Car

If you made the calculations, the Aptera energy efficiency is 10 miles per kWh, or almost double that offered by the Lucid Air, so far the most efficient electric car for sale around. Aptera managed to offer that with a very light body (1,800 lb up to 2,200 lb, or 816 kg up to 998 kg). It has only four main parts – which also makes manufacturing much simpler than in a regular car. Another important point for the Aptera’s efficiency is the low drag coefficient, with a cx of only 0.13.

The new car will have three exterior color options: Noir (black), Luna (silver), and Sol (white). Inside, buyers will be able to choose among Vida (bright coral colors), Coast (sand and blue), and Codex (earth tones) trims.

Aptera Reveals $25,900, 1,000-Mile EV Never Charge Solar Electric Car

Among the options are the solar cone – which adds up to 24 miles of range – Enhanced Audio, SafetyPilot (level 2 autonomy drive assistant), safety divider for pets, integrated tent and rear awning for camping, off-road kit (with tougher wheel covers and more ground clearance) and custom interior and exterior options. The prices for these options were also not disclosed so far.

Source: Aptera

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