Our last article about Aptera was a little after the company announced it had no plans to die again. More than that, it counted on the sun to make its cars keep on running without the need of plugging them in. The “Never Charge” system was supposed to be an option. Now, Aptera disclosed it would be a standard feature in its vehicles and presented the images and the video of what these cars will look like.

Gallery: Aptera Reveals Ressurection Details And How It Plans Not To Die Again

As we imagined, the part over the belt line is the one responsible for the solar cells. They give the Aptera a two-tone aspect that is both sophisticated and useful. According to Aptera, it can give the EV up to 40 miles of range every day purely on solar energy.

If “Never Charge” will be a standard feature, the white nosecone will probably become the finishing option. In the gallery at the company’s website, it is presented as such. But will it be a cheaper option? We will try to check that with Aptera as soon as possible.

The company has also already reached more than $330,000. The final goal at WeFund is $1.07 million. That money is just part of the $20 million the company needs to launch limited production. Which, by the way, was expected to start in 2020.

Aptera “Never Charge” Solar Charging Will Be a Standard Feature

The Aptera is 175 inches (4.44 m) long, 88 in (2.24 m) wide, 53.5 in (1.36 m) tall, and it has a 109 in (2.77 m) wheelbase. With an estimated weight of 1,800 lb (around 815 kg), it can have a battery pack of up to 100 kWh. It will cost $59,000 and promises a range of 1,000 mi (1,600 km).

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