Sales of the Made-in-China (MIC) Tesla Model 3 went through the roof in November, increasing almost 78% over October (when the production accelerated to almost 23,000).

According to the China Passenger Car Association (CPCA), via Moneyball, sales reached 21,604, although we are not entirely sure whether those are really retail sales or wholesale shipments, (not registrations/deliveries).

Anyway, this is a huge result, and no other New Energy Car aside from the tiny Wuling Hong Guang MINI EV (which is running above 30,000), will be able to come even close to MIC Model 3 now.

Made-in-China (MIC) Tesla Model 3 sales - November 2020


The estimated wholesale shipment year-to-date exceeded 114,000 MIC Model 3.

As of writing this report, we don't have the production number yet. If Tesla continues at 23,000 in November and December, it could exceed 70,000 in Q3 (sales probably will be lower than that).

Let's remember that Tesla intends to produce 500,000 EVs and sell 500,000 EVs in 2020, which is pretty challenging considering how many cars would have to be produced and sold in Q4.


UPDATE: MIC Model 3 production in November amounted: 21,534.


Tesla results in China:

Made-in-China (MIC) Tesla Model 3 results according to CPCA (sales), MIIT/EVProbe/NE-Times (production) via Moneyball:

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