We wished the guys at Aptera started telling us soon how many buyers went to the resurrected company’s website to claim they want the three-wheeler. And they did: until December 9, it had 3,000 pre-orders, equivalent to $100 million taking into account the prices for the reserved trikes. Nikki Gordon-Bloomfield, from Transport Evolved, is among these 3,000 people. She wants one for way more than her taste for unusual three-wheelers.

Don’t be mistaken by the video’s title. Nikki offers us a detailed historical perspective on what happened to Aptera in the first place that led it to bankruptcy and compares the return of Steve Fambro and Chris Anthony to it as what happened with Steve Jobs going back to Apple.


That’s very fitting when you remember that people did not know they needed a smartphone before Jobs presented the iPhone. That may well be the case with people that find the Aptera too unusual for their tastes before discovering all the trike has to offer – especially in what relates to energy efficiency.

It is certain that the Aptera is still under development and that the resurrection will only be confirmed when the first cars are in customers’ hands. 

Regardless of that, Nikki wants to check if the Never Charge system will really deliver a grid-free experience. Or if the Aptera will be able to power a house in an emergency. She may even want to check if it is really able to go from 0 to 60 in 3.5 seconds. Above all, she decided to support one of the main aspects of Aptera: its “Right to Repair” approach.

Nikki has been a long-time critic of companies that have closed wall policies regarding maintenance. When Aptera announced it would be completely open in that regard, she felt she had to support it. That’s called coherence, and it deserves deep respect.

Make sure you watch the whole video if you would like to learn more about the previous Aptera prototypes and the new one. Nikki offers a great overview of that and much more.

Source: Transport Evolved

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