While many car buyers nowadays are flocking to buy crossovers and SUVs, it seems manufacturers have not completely lost faith in more traditional sedans and wagons. Volkswagen is selling very high numbers of high-riding vehicles, yet ti doesn’t want to give up on the three-box sedan or the traditional load lugger, not even for its new generation of all-electric vehicles.

After the ID.3 and ID.4, one of the next additions to the ID range of electric cars is expected to be the ID.6 which will reportedly be available as both a sedan and a wagon. This model will apparently debut in the fourth quarter of 2023, and even though it will mostly be aimed at China where sedans are still a status symbol, there is a high likelihood that it will be sold elsewhere too.

VW ID.5 Sedan

Its name has apparently not been confirmed (it could actually be called ID.5), but ID.6 is a great pick especially given the Chinese connection - the number 6 is seen as bringing good luck in Chinese culture and this will undoubtedly help VW shift more of them in the People’s Republic. We’re not so sure Chinese buyers will be interested in the wagon, but we’re pretty sure that some Europeans will be very interested, especially since there are no good electric wagons on the market right now.

What’s especially cool about the ID.6 is that even though it will occupy roughly the same footprint on the road as a Passat, it will actually offer the interior room of a vehicle from a class above. This is a trick that VW is pulling off very well with the ID.3 and ID.4 already and we can only imagine how much space they will manage to offer in a larger vehicle.

In regards to the platform and powertrain, pretty much everything will be shared with other ID-badged models. The ID.6 will be underpinned by the same MEB platform, come with a single-motor, rear-wheel drive base setup or more powerful dual-motor variants (including a possible performance-minded GTX variant) and it is said to have a range of as much as 700 km or 431 miles on a single charge (with its largest available battery pack).

You will apparently be able to rapid charge it at up to 200 kW, which is a lot more than current ID models, although these two will gain higher charging capacity with future updates. In terms of looks, the ID.6 won’t stray too far from the look of the ID Space Vizzion Concept, which is a good things, because it is unanimously seen as one of VW’s best looking studies from its ID series.

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