Back in August, a loophole in its reservation system revealed that Rivian had around 30,000 pre-orders for the R1T and the R1S. If you consider that close to 380 people are just a little more than 1 percent of that total, that may not seem very representative. Yet, this is the amount of RivianOwnersForum members so far who decided to feed a spreadsheet that reveals almost 90 percent of them are replacing an ICE vehicle with their Rivians.

Thanks to that spreadsheet, we have also discovered other revealing information about these buyers. About 41 percent of them will get rid of combustion-engined SUVs to get the R1T or the R1S. When it comes to pickup trucks, they represent 31 percent of the ICE cars that will wave goodbye to these future Rivian owners.

Rivian Truck SUV

If you count only SUVs and pickup trucks, we already see 72 percent of combustion-engined vehicles giving way to the Rivian products. The third most representative market segment is from sedans, at about 8 percent. 

Pure EVs are just 8.4 percent of the cars to be replaced either by an R1T or R1S. When we count all electrified options – hybrids and PHEVs – they are 11.8 percent of the cars that Rivian products will substitute, which leads us to 88.2 percent of combustion-engined being ditched by Rivian’s electric pickup truck or SUV.


The questionnaire also asked how many of these future Rivian owners already had or still has a Tesla: 22.1 percent of them fit the description. It will make one wonder how many among them would prefer to get a Cybertruck instead of the R1T, right? Well, only 15 reservation holders consider the Tesla pickup truck, which represents only 4 percent of the 374 people that answered about other possible options. One of them even said he considers the Cybertruck but prefers the R1T.

When it comes to the Ford F-150 EV and the GMC Hummer EV, the numbers are respectively 6 (1.6 percent), and 5 (1.3 percent) of the respondents would consider buying one. Curiously, 3 people (0.8 percent) mentioned the Atlis XT. None of the other electric pickup trucks were cited.

That spreadsheet will probably grow a lot bigger in the next months. It would only be nice if all people were willing to answer the questions: almost 10 percent of them did not disclose which vehicles they will replace when they get a Rivian, whichever it is.

Source: RivianOwnersForum via The Breaking News Team

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