Consumer Reports had bad news to share when it said EVs need better reliability to deserve its recommendation. Quality issues such as the ones presented by the and the Kia Niro’s electric motor bearing affected all other electric cars. Thankfully, it also has good news, now related to EV adoption: 71 percent of US drivers consider buying an automobile powered by electricity in the future.

The consumer organization made this survey by phone with 3,392 Americans both in English and Spanish in July and August. All of them had to have valid US driver’s licenses. And there is even better news: of all people interviewed, 27 percent consider getting an electric car as their next ride, which makes solving reliability issues with these vehicles even more pressing. After all, causing a positive first impression is crucial.

If there’s so much goodwill towards electric cars, why are they taking so long to catch up in the US? According to the survey, customers want more options, which shows the current ones are not fulfilling what they want in a car. Apart from that, many are worried about charging their vehicles.

Curiously, the survey pointed out many of these drivers did not realize they can charge their cars at home. This is one of the main reasons for them to want ranges of more than 300 miles to consider buying an EV. Consumer Reports recently published that people who buy electric cars with 250 miles of range can solve 92 percent of their charging needs at home – and save $6,000 to $10,000 in a period of seven years (or 200,000 miles).

Anyone with a personal driveway or garage can get their EVs charged for daily needs in an easy way. When most people realize that and the saving electric car can generate, we bet any new survey on the matter will point to even better numbers. As we repeat over and over, EVs are the future of personal transportation, and people are more ready than they believe for cleaner cities and relevant savings.

Source: Consumer Reports

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