Whenever a manufacturer wants to enter a certain segment with a model that is new and unique, it is usually benchmarked against similar offerings from rival manufacturers. This is standard practice in the industry, but it seems GM is adopting a different approach for the creation of the GMC Hummer EV.

Muscle Cars & Trucks talked to Todd Hubbard, the Vehicle Performance Engineer for the GMC Hummer EV project, who explained that

‘ The way we approached it is that it’s more of a clean slate. Let’s just set a target, not rely on competitors, and just make the best truck we can make. And we’re going to make it super capable, have all this new tech, and we’re going to do it to the best of our ability… that’s kind of our mentality. To do the best job we can, and make it a super truck. ‘

According to Hubbard, GM is confident that it has the know-how to pull this off and it expects to not have any problems in achieving the power, torque and range goals that it has set for the project. He also thinks that his prior experience in off-road-focused trucks (most recently on the Chevy Colorado ZR2) will help him guide his team of engineers in the right direction; he said

‘ We have a substantial number of engineers who are hardcore off roaders, and we have an understanding of what it takes to make an incredibly off-road capable truck… I feel very strongly about the electric propulsion system in the Hummer EV, mainly because of the availability in torque and horsepower. ‘

Furthermore, the company expects that by making this truck electric, it will be able to outperform comparable ICE vehicles in pretty much any situation, going off-road included.

This is thanks to the responsiveness of electric motors, the instant torque and power they provide, as well as the use of clever torque vectoring and other traction enhancing technologies. The Hummer EV will feature air suspension, it will have a ground clearance of 13 inches, four-wheel steering or the ability to fit tires as big as 37 inches with no modifications to the vehicle.

GM is also probably adopting this clean slate approach because there aren’t actually any similar vehicles out yet. Sure, there are projects that are in more advanced stages of development and closer to production than the electric Hummer, but none of them are currently available for drives; the first one to reach customers is the Rivian R1T, a truck that will prove a very worthy opponent with excellent specs.

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