Volkswagen announced the end of production of the all-electric e-Golf at the Transparent Factory in Dresden, Germany, where 50,401 units were manufactured since March 2017.

In total, 145,561 e-Golfs were produced during seven years, since 2014 - most of them (95,160) in Wolfsburg, Germany, where production ended in Summer 2020.

The Transparent Factory was an additional production site for the e-Golf, to meet the high demand on one side, utilize the site after the end of production of other models - Phaeton (84,235 units, 2001-2016) and Bentley Flying Spur (2,186 units, 2005/2006 and 2013/2014), and to present the manufacturing process to hundreds of thousands of visitors.

Most of the e-Golfs were sold in Norway (over 40,000) and in Germany (over 33,000). In the U.S., more than 18,000 units were delivered.

Phasing out the Volkswagen e-Golf at the Transparent Factory in Dresden
Phasing out the Volkswagen e-Golf at the Transparent Factory in Dresden

The e-Golf is replaced by an all-new electric compact model - Volkswagen ID.3, produced since late 2019 in Zwickau. So far, more than 28,000 ID.3 were delivered to customers.

Just like in the case of e-Golf, the Transparent Factory in Dresden will become the second (additional) site of ID.3 production - starting at the end of January 2021 (originally it was planned for Fall 2020). The company needs now just a few weeks to complete the switch from e-Golf to ID.3.

"At the beginning of 2021, the production area of the Transparent Factory will be converted to meet the requirements of the Modular Electric Drive Kit (MEB). The first conversions for the ID.3 already took place in summer 2020. As one of seven stations, the "marriage", where the body and chassis are bolted together, was adapted. The conversion measures in winter include, for example, the installation of a system on which the panoramic roof is fitted and the adaptation of the gripping devices for the installation of the cockpit and seat system."

Danny Auerswald, head of plant operations at the Transparent Factory:

"The end of the e-Golf is also the start of the final preparations for the ID.3. In just a few weeks, we will be opening the next chapter for the Transparent Factory. After Zwickau, we are the second location in Europe to manufacture vehicles based on the new modular e-drive system. Volkswagen is thus underlining the importance of the Saxon plants in the group-wide E-offensive."

Pilot production of the ID.3 in Dresden started a few months ago:

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