General Motors has plans for an onslaught of electric vehicles in the near future, including at least three confirmed electric pickup trucks. However, gas cars aren't going away. As far as GMC is concerned, the brand doesn't have plans to dive into EVs as quickly as some of GM's other brands, though it has confirmed another all-electric pickup truck to join the upcoming 2022 GMC Hummer EV.

According to Autoblog, Missouri-based Buick-GMC-Cadillac dealership president Lynn Thompson told the Detroit Free Press:

"There will be an all-electric Sierra pickup, but no timeline yet. But, the plan is to make it electric; this whole electric thing is a moving target."

Thompson confirmed that GM executives already revealed plans for such an electric pickup truck at a national dealer meeting. It comes as no surprise that Chevrolet has similar plans to launch an all-electric 'Silverado-like' vehicle in the future as well. However, Autoblog emphasized that it won't actually look like a Silverado, and it probably won't use the Silverado name. One can assume that may be the case with the electric 'Sierra' as well.

The arguably strange part here is that once the Hummer EV arrives, GMC will already have a full-size all-electric pickup truck. Chevrolet could simply share that platform, much like the current Sierra and Silverado. It seems a bit weird to bring the Hummer EV to market, and then follow it with another full-size GMC electric pickup truck. However, with the Hummer EV's niche styling and high sticker price, perhaps it does make sense to bring a more "normal" and affordable electric truck to market down the road. Chevrolet, being GM's more affordable brand, could benefit even more from such a plan.

Autoblog notes that the Hummer EV will only be available as a four-door truck with a shorter bed. Hopefully, the upcoming GMC and Chevrolet electric trucks will be more traditional and appeal to people looking for an affordable electric work truck. It could still share the underpinnings of the Hummer EV, which makes sense since GM is planning to use the Ultium platform for a variety of future electric vehicles.

With that said, GMC chief Duncan Aldred reportedly told dealers the brand has no plans to go all-electric. An unnamed dealer employee shared:

"Duncan said we're certainly not going to abandon our internal combustion engine vehicles because that's our core business, and that was good to hear. It's to let people know they're not going down the same road as Cadillac."

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