Edmunds has spent a great deal more time with electric vehicles of late. The publication currently has a long-term Tesla Model Y, and it had a long-term Model 3 in the past. While Edmunds has voiced its concerns about Tesla's touch-screen-centric interior and fit and finish issues, it's still willing to call the automaker the leader when it comes to EVs. Edmunds also calls the Model 3 its top-rated EV for 2021.

The story may be different in areas like Europe and China, but in the U.S., it would be difficult to choose another electric car as the top dog over the Model 3. Sure, other automakers pay more attention to quality control and vehicle service, but none have proven they can do what Tesla can when it comes to range and efficiency, performance, space, software, and technology. Moreover, Tesla is the only automaker that has its own proprietary Supercharger network, not to mention enticing features like Autopilot, Sentry Mode, TeslaCam, and over-the-air software updates.

Edmunds says the Tesla, and the Model 3, is "leading the charge when it comes to electric vehicles," and has been for years. The publication chose the Model 3 as the winner of this same award last year. However, the car improves on a regular basis – as do all Tesla's vehicles – and it's even more deserving of the award for 2021. Edmunds points to the Model 3's improved range, interior updates, all-around appeal, and reasonable starting price as just some of the reasons it gets the top honor.

Do you think there's another EV more deserving of this award? If so, which vehicle, and why do you think it should win? Edmunds seems enamored by the Ford Mustang Mach-E, going so far as to call it the best "luxury" EV for 2021. However, since it put it in the luxury category, it doesn't compete with the Model 3.

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