Back in October, during a time when well-known Tesla hacker @greentheonly was sharing Tesla Model 3 and Model Y refresh information on Twitter, he mentioned the Model Y's potential HEPA filter and "corresponding" Bioweapon Defense Mode. He found clues in the Model Y's software code. However, that was about as much as we heard about it, and it didn't appear to materialize


Fast-forward to the present and Green now has further verification of his earlier discoveries, though it still doesn't guarantee anything. Basically, a recent major update to the Model Y owner's manual in China suggests Tesla's Bioweapon Defense Mode. The hacker discovered the potential for HEPA filter installations in China-made Model Y electric crossovers.

As you can see from the tweet below, Green shows the areas of the manual that mention or allude to the Bioweapon Defense Mode. The manual states, "If your Model 3 Model Y is equipped with the medical-grade HEPA filter," and later in the same paragraph, "When you engage Bioweapon Defense Mode ...".


Tesla owners and fans have asked CEO Elon Musk in the past if the biohazard feature could be added to the Model 3. However, he mentioned that the large HEPA filter won't fit, though the filter in the Model 3 (and Model Y) is already much better than what many cars offer.


Now, we wonder if there will be a HEPA filter that fits in the Model Y and Model 3 that can pull off what the Model S and X filter can accomplish. Perhaps this is only for China-made vehicles? Will it eventually make its way into Model 3 and Y vehicles built in the States? We'll have to wait and see how all this pans out. Let us know what you think in the comment section below.

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