Who better to launch proper electric car awards, a media outlet that's been covering gas cars for years, or an EV expert with firsthand experience owning and driving EVs? It's a really tough question for many reasons.

Sure, if electric cars are better than gas cars, they should have no problem competing against them in awards hosted by well-known and respected automotive media outlets. As far as us EV owners are concerned, electric cars would win more often than not. However, many car lovers, and media sites that cater to them, simply don't understand EVs or truly support .

On the other hand, having electric car awards on an EV-only website or via an EV-loving guru may not work either. This is because traditional car lovers can easily say, "Of course they're going to cheer for EVs, they're EV advocates" or "It's no surprise Tesla wins since these folks are huge Tesla fans and stockholders."

Thanks to all of the above, electric vehicle awards are still few, far between, and weird, at least in many cases. This is especially true in the U.S., where EV adoption is much slower than it is in Europe. Several U.S.-based mainstream automotive websites actually separate EVs from other cars, not only in their review sections, but also when it comes to awards.

While we can sort of understand why this is the case, it doesn't allow electric cars to compete with ALL cars. However, if electric cars did compete with all cars, they'd immediately lose points for having a much higher upfront cost. Not to mention being docked for range, along with practicality concerns related to charging speed and the lack of charging infrastructure.

Someday, electric cars will be just considered cars, and eligible for the same rankings and awards as gas cars. Until then, we have to consult several different sources to get a solid idea of how each electric car stacks up.

Our friend Ben Sullins clearly realizes this whole dilemma, so he decided it was time to start his own annual electric cars awards. Sullins has a lot of knowledge and experience when it comes to EVs, as well as the right connections to get his hands on these cars and check them all out himself. 

With all of that said, check out Sullins' first annual electric car awards. Let us know if you agree with his choices. If not, leave us your own 2020 EV awards winners in the comment section below. In addition, let us know if you have any ideas about how automotive websites and organizations should handle EV awards.

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