After Volkswagen said the ID family operating system was fixed back on December 7, it seemed all issues were solved for good. Although the situation seems to be much better, there is stuff that still needs to be corrected. Christian Stadler made us the favor of telling which they are in the latest Battery Life video, which you can watch above.

Fortunately, the main issue with the car seems to be gone. ID.3 and ID.4 owners will not have. Stadler said that there is still a parasitic power drain happening on the vehicles that Volkswagen is still investigating. Regardless, the high voltage battery charges it back so that it does not make the car inoperable.

Another great novelty is that the battery pack does not heat from its own charge anymore. If connected to a charger or a power outlet, heating will get its juice from these external sources. Before the update, battery-pack heating was always based on the charge it already had, regardless of being connected to a power source or not.

In his effort to show what currently works and what doesn’t, Stadler presented all the menu options Volkswagen electric vehicles offer. He did that to show the benefits of the update. One example is that, if you decide to charge the car up to 90 percent of charge, the menu shows how much time that will take as soon as you change the settings.

On a sad note, the menu shows the charge the car is taking in km/h, not in kWh, as it should. Stadler said Volkswagen is not willing to fix that, but it definitely should. Although sending a map to the car and seeing nothing there is not something troubling, it also gives the impression that there is still work to be done for the software to work as it should.

Source: Battery Life

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