Both Lexus and Toyota decided to seize the Kenshiki Forum to tease their first electric cars based on the e-TNGA platform. Lexus went further than Toyota on that and presented glimpses of the real car in the video above, as well as some information on its electric motors. Toyota just showed the car's stylized shape, which British publications are referring to as BZ – Beyond Zero.

The video above was created by editing videos from the two companies to present you with these electric cars' first images. As you will notice, the elements presented tell us it is the same vehicle with some styling tweaks, as Lexus and Toyota vehicles used to be in the past. The original Lexus video, which you can see below, talks about the design efforts that the company faced. We just wonder if these efforts were in creating the base car – which will also be sold as a Subaru, according to rumors – or in giving it a Lexus identity.

We have already shown you a rendering of what the electric Subaru may look like based on the images Toyota released a while ago of its cars with solid-state batteries. If we compare the teaser with those images, you’ll see this:

Lexus And Toyota Tease Their Future EVs Based On E-TNGA
Toyota SUV compact - patents 8

This is the car patent images revealed back in June. It is also among the cars that the company wants to sell with solid-state cells in 2025. That suggests the Japanese company intends to start selling these cars with the current battery packs as soon as possible and put solid-state batteries in them when they are available.

Regarding Lexus, the video show elements that resemble the car above. Luckily, the luxury brand also spoke about DIRECT4, its electric drive control system. The company said it could precisely control torque to its front and rear electric motors and each wheel individually, which gives us the impression that Lexus will have four electric motors, one for each wheel. The company could also have designed a clever differential system to allow that, but that would probably be more complex than using individual motors.

The e-Axle used by the DIRECT4 system will also be present in hybrid vehicles from Lexus. That will help the cars offer a more sophisticated driving experience at the same time that more vehicles with such components will help Toyota bring its prices down due to a larger scale.

Sources: Lexus and Toyota

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