FreeWire Technologies announced a partnership with Envision AESC, the lithium-ion battery manufacturer formerly known as AESC (Nissan and NEC's JV - acquired by the Envision Group in 2019), with a plan to use Envision AESC batteries in its Boost Charger.

The 120 kW Boost Charger is equipped with 160 kWh battery energy storage to lower the required input power connection from the grid.

Since the Envision AESC batteries are used in the Nissan LEAF (and some other electric car models), we guess that a similar type of modules will be used also in FreeWire's products.

"Envision AESC battery cells and modules are widely used across industries and applications, including the Nissan LEAF EV, and are a core component of FreeWire’s EV charging and energy products. FreeWire leverages Envision modules to create a proprietary battery pack with industry-leading energy density, which is then integrated into portable power solutions that enable site hosts to upgrade or install ultrafast EV charging infrastructure without significant space requirements or investment."

Nissan's Supplier AESC To Build 20 GWh Battery Factory In China
Example of Envision AESC's battery module
FreeWire Boost Charger and the Audi e-tron Sportback
FreeWire Boost Charger and the Audi e-tron Sportback

FreeWire said that it has achieved first-of-its-kind industry safety certifications under EV charging and energy storage standards. The proprietary battery pack is certified to UL1973, while the entire Boost Charger is certified to UL2202, UL2231-1, UL2231-2, and UL991.

Arcady Sosinov, CEO and founder of FreeWire Technologies said:

“Given its ten-year track record of safety and reliability, Envision AESC’s battery technology was the perfect choice to incorporate into our industry-leading battery pack. FreeWire’s innovative technology leveraging Envision AESC battery modules has positioned the company to become a global market leader in EV charging and energy products.”

It's also great to see that Envision AESC expands and diversifies beyond Nissan, which so far was the dominant customer for the company. As an independent manufacturer, Envision AESC must find a variety of customers, especially additional automakers to build a healthy and stable business.

In 2021, the company intends to launch a new battery cell manufacturing plant in Wuxi, China (up to 20 GWh a year), on top of three smaller ones: in Zama, Japan, Sunderland in the UK as well as Tennessee in the US.

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