Hyundai envisioned the Kona Electric for a camping weekend.

Hyundai Kona Electric once again positively surprises as it's equipped with a Utility Mode, which could be called camper mode, that enables one to stay in car for a prolonged time with all electric stuff powered on.

As you can see oin the video demonstration done by Bjørn Nyland, Utility Mode keeps power for the USB, 12 V outlet, audio and climate control.

The Kona Electric is equipped with 64 kWh battery (there will be a 39 kWh version too), which is plenty enough to power a household for a few days. With such amount you could go for a tour (the range is around 300 miles or 482 km WLTP), stay for a night inside the car and drive back. Big batteries opens whole a new spectrum of possibilities - for example Tesla announced a party mode.

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