If you ever need to jack up your Tesla Model 3, well, there's no app for that. There is, though, an instructional video (above) which will help you get the job done without inflicting any injury on your ride. Like so much these days, the procedure is not as simple as it was with older vehicles, and so care must be taken to avoid an expensive mistake.

The video, from the TeslaExposed YouTube channel, starts by laying out all the gear you'll need to lift up your mid-sized Tesla and remove or replace a tire.  We're shown a torque wrench which allows us to tighten a lug nut with a specific amount of pressure — 129 pound-feet in this case. That's followed by a jack pad adapter, one end of which slides into a jack point in the chassis and provides a buffer between the car and the jack. Speaking of jacks, you'll need one of those too. The channel host uses a 3-ton low-profile floor jack but says that a 1-1/2 ton lifter will work as well.

If your Model 3 has lug nut covers, you'll need a lug nut cover remover. Then, you'll need a lugnut breaker. The example shown appears to be a foldable 4-way wrench, which can be used to do the entire task of spinning off the lug nuts from their studs. Note: although the proper size is stated as 3/16th in the video, the item shown is a 13/16th. This isn't actually the correct size, which is 21 mm.

Finally, you'll need a socket for your torque wrench. Again, 21 mm is the correct size, though a 13/16th might do in a pinch.

Video description:

SAFETY FIRST! Always use the right tools to jack up your Tesla, you do not want to be cheap and not use a jack pad to risk damaging your battery if jack slip, etc. or scratching up the jackpoint hole exposing metal to rust! Remember to keep vehicle on flat and even surface and have handbrake on before jacking up any Model 3 AWD or RWD. Models with air suspension will required vehicle to be raised to very high and jack mode on before attempting to jack up your vehicle or risk major damage and injury/death. Be safe!


Source: YouTube

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