After years of debate and speculation, will the BMW i9 finally see the light of day?

Over the past few years, the debate about the potential BMW i9 model has been growing steadily. Reports went from announcing it as a sure thing, all the way to the vehicle being canceled altogether. However, as reported by Autoguide, it seems that BMW is once again serious with the i9 - somewhere down the line, at least. The Bavarian carmaker has reapplied for the i9 trademark in the United States. Whether this means a possible BMW i9 is coming, or the car maker is simply holding onto its trademark rights, still remains to be seen.

BMW first applied for the i9 trademark back in 2012, where it was only valid until July 31, 2018, so this could be the main reason why the i9 nameplate was once secured. With a planned 25 strong model range of electrified vehicles planned by 2025 - of which 12 will be fully electric - the i9 once again seems like a possibility. While currently there's really no substantial evidence that the vehicle could be either a high-performance machine or a large SUV, we can only speculate about its future.

On the other hand, BMW is revealing several new concepts and production models in the following years. The iNEXT project is slated to be revealed next month. It will be followed by the BMW iX3 and the i4 four-door coupe (this could potentially be impressive) in 2021. The German carmaker also has the second-generation of their highly praised BMW i8 hybrid high-performance vehicle slated for the next few years, alongside several potential plug-in hybrids. While the future for the i9 is still unclear, even if it develops into a production model, it certainly won't be seen on the streets before 2025, that's for sure.

Source: BMW Blog

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