The lineup of the upgraded Tesla Model 3 (also known as "Highland") is expected to expand with the addition of the Performance version, which wasn't initially launched with the RWD and Long Range AWD versions.

Yesterday, the new Tesla Model 3 Performance was spotted without camouflage for the very first time (in January we saw a camouflaged vehicle in California). Videos and photos of the top-of-the-line version were posted by Desmond Wisley (@dessiewisley / X).

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Tesla Model 3 "Highland"

The refreshed Tesla Model 3 is available in RWD and Long Range AWD versions, with a Performance variant likely on the way in H1 2024. It offers revised styling, slightly improved specs, and an improved interior.

According to the report, the red and black Tesla Model 3 Performance cars were seen being filmed in Valencia, Spain—probably ahead of the market launch a few months from now.


As we can see in the video, the new Performance version has red brake calipers and a Ludicrous badge on the rear (similar to the Plaid one on the Model S and Model X).

Tesla does not say anything about the technical upgrades of the Model 3 Performance, but there is a chance that it might be even quicker than before (0-60 mph in 3.1 seconds with a 1 ft rollout subtracted).


Other changes, compared to the regular Model 3 "Highland", noted by Drive Tesla Canada, include a new rear spoiler, new rear splitter, new front splitter, and new wheels/aero caps. It seems that inside there are new performance seats too.


The Tesla Model 3 Performance, just like the regular Model 3 version, probably will be produced in parallel at the Tesla Shanghai Giga factory and in Fremont, California.

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