California-based electric vehicle start-up Rivian has introduced two new entry-level battery options for its R1T truck and the R1S SUV. The new options are called Standard and Standard+.

The new Standard pack, available only with the dual-motor variants, will deliver an estimated 270-mile range from a 106-kilowatt-hour battery pack. The Standard+ pack will deliver an estimated 315 miles of range from a 121-kWh battery pack. Note that these are estimates by Rivian and not the EPA. So the figures could change in the near future.

The Standard+ pack can be optioned with both the dual-motor and performance variants. However, it wasn't available on the configurator at the time of publication.

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Rivian brings more battery options to the R1T and R1S

Rivian R1T and R1S have earned a reputation for being premium, quirky, and incredibly fun-to-drive EVs. But they're both expensive. With the new battery options, the entry point to Rivian EVs is now slightly lower, that is until the R2 model enters production.

The automaker previously offered two battery options, the Large pack with 135 kWh of total battery capacity, and the recently launched Max pack with 149 kWh of total capacity. The former delivers an EPA-estimated range of 352 miles on both the R1T and the R1S. The latter delivers 410 miles on the R1T and 400 miles on the R1S for the base dual motor AWD variant.

The new battery options lower the entry point to Rivian vehicles. Both the base R1T and R1S now get a price decline of about $3,100. Moreover, Rivian said some customers might qualify for a partial federal tax credit of $3,750, which should make them more attractive than before, possibly for a slightly larger pool of buyers.

Here are the prices for the new variants:

  • R1T Dual Motor Standard: $69,900
  • R1T Dual Standard+: $73,000 
  • R1T Performance Dual Standard+: $78,000 
  • R1S Dual Standard: $74,900; 
  • R1S Dual Standard+: $78,000 
  • R1S Performance Dual Standard+: $83,000

Rivian will reveal its first R2-platform-based crossover on March 7, and it is expected to be a mass-market EV, potentially accessible to a much larger audience. Until then buyers have the new entry-level R1 models to choose from.

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