Rivian, the American car manufacturer that sells the all-electric R1T pickup, R1S SUV, and ECV delivery van, is America’s most loved auto marque, according to Consumer Reports, which asked its members if they would buy the same vehicle again.

The company topped names like Mini, BMW, Porsche, and Tesla in the eyes of owners, who rated which automakers are the most satisfying in areas like overall comfort, driving enjoyment, cabin storage, usability, and ownership cost.

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An American love story

American owners love their American-made Rivian EVs. At least that's what members of Consumer Reports' community said in a recent survey where they ranked Rivian as the most loved car brand in the United States.

In the case of Rivian, 86% of owners said in a CR member survey that they would buy the same vehicle again, followed by Mini owners with 77% and BMW owners with 76%. Porsche, which has historically had a strong brand following, shares the spotlight with its German rival BMW.

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Tesla, which is arguably the biggest name in the electric car industry, is behind Porsche, with 74% of owners saying they would buy the same EV again, closely followed by Genesis and Lexus, both with 74%.

Ford is in 15th place on CR’s list, with 67% of members saying they would buy the same car again. Infiniti is dead last with 43%.

But what does this rating mean, exactly? It doesn’t have anything to do with reliability, that’s for sure–Rivian was ranked as the 28th most reliable car manufacturer in the United States by Consumer Reports, below the industry average. Instead, the percentage reflects how satisfied the customers are with their purchase in relation to their expectations. 

CR says that the most satisfying cars aren’t necessarily the best on the market, and vice versa, and we agree. One might love a Land Rover and would happily buy another one even though the internet is filled with lists that show the British company makes some of the least reliable cars in the world.

When it comes to owner satisfaction, though, Rivian tops Consumer Reports’ charts, earning a place on the “most satisfying” list when it comes to comfort, driving, cabin storage, and usability.

It’s no surprise, then, that the R1T–Rivian’s first passenger vehicle–is also the most satisfying EV to own in CR’s book. The R1S SUV, as well as the Hyundai Ioniq 6, were rated by CR’s members as being some of the most satisfying 10 cars to own, along with names like the Chevrolet Corvette and Mazda MX-5 Miata.

Do you own a Rivian? Let us know in the comments below what’s your take on the California-based EV maker.

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