According to the U.S. Electric Vehicle Experience Home Charging Study administered by JD Power, overall home charging satisfaction is the highest among EV owners who choose to install a Level 2 permanently mounted charging station. 

The study centered on the home charging experience as opposed to public charging and 88% of participants offered that they charge their EV at home “often” or “always.

JD Power set out to measure EV owners’ satisfaction in three charging segments:

  • Level 1 portable chargers
  • Level 2 portable chargers
  • Level 2 permanently mounted chargers

Customer satisfaction was then measured using eight factors:

  • Fairness of the cost of the unit
  • The cable length
  • The physical size of the charger
  • The ease of storing the cable
  • The cost of charging
  • The charging speed
  • The ease of use
  • Unit reliability

The study found that overall satisfaction is highest among EV owners that have a permanent Level 2 charger (749 points out of 1,000). Coming in a close second are owners who use a portable Level 2 charger (741 points). Not surprisingly, ownership satisfaction is the lowest among EV owners who trickle-charge on a Level 1 charging source, scoring just 574 points out of 1,000.

JD Power home charger study

As for individual brands, the Tesla wall connector ranked highest among Level 2 permanent charging stations with a score of 798 points. That's just slightly higher than the segment average of 749. ClipperCreek and ChargePoint EVSE ranked second and third with scores of 745 and 730, respectfully.

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Quite honestly, we would have been very surprised if the results were much different. Having proper home charging equipment that can quickly recharge your EV's battery really enhances the overall ownership experience for most people. Yes, there are those that are perfectly happy with 120v level 1 home charging, but the vast majority of EV owners would prefer a more robust charging experience, especially those with BEVs.  

The study was accomplished by a collaboration between JD Power and PlugShare. The survey included 9,127 electric vehicle owners of 2015-2021 model year fully-electric BEVs as well as plug-in hybrid owners and was fielded in October-November 2020.

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